Oh, Caralee, don't go
The shadows you run from can't swallow you whole
Oh, Caralee, don't hide
Your troubles will wait for the sun to rise

When there's nowhere to turn to
Then turn back around
Bury your demons
Down deep in the ground
Don't try and escape
'Cause you're easily found where you are

Oh, Caralee, there's more:
"Enough is enough" ain't enough anymore
Oh, Caralee, don't cry
My well of compassion is burned up and dry

Your soul may feel worn
As an old pair of boots
Your confidence blown as a target shot through
But you owe to someone other than you
To stand tall

You jump in the water, forget how to swim
You pry your eyes open and but don't see a thing
There's so much to see if you wait for the tide to recede
Out to sea
Oh, Caralee