The Sun Sets on August

The twilight of August is upon us, bringing with it the beginning of the end of another glorious New England summer. I am always sad to see the season go, but I haven't much to complain about--I spent a large chunk of this summer hiking, camping, canoeing, and exploring the hills, mountains, and beaches of Vermont and Maine and the Adirondacks. It is so easy to get swallowed up by gadgets and social media and the day-to-day rate race and forget that all around us, usually not more than a very short drive away, is a respite from it all in the form of nature. I know, that almost sounds corny, but it's true. At least it was true for me this summer. I often say that my job in life, if you will, is to experience as many things as I can, process it, ponder it, and turn it into song (or prose or some other creative medium). What makes me incredibly lucky is that I have amazing bandmates to help me make them even better than I ever could alone. My jaunts into the wilderness have filled me with energy and stories and songs. I am excited for what comes next.

This is going to be a super fun weekend of music-making. Ben, Kent, Ari, Rebecca, and I are playing at Woburn's Horn Pond Summer Concert Series tomorrow night--Friday, August 28, from 6-8pm--and then on Saturday, August 29, at T-Bones Roadhouse in Plymouth from 1-5pm. Both shows are FREE. When the five of us play together, it combines the vocals and rootsy qualities of our new acoustic trio with Rebecca with the jammy rock side of Jo Henley and brings JH to a whole new level. Ben and I have seen (or heard, I should say) Jo Henley take shape in numerous different ways over the years, all of them wonderful in their own way, but this particular lineup is especially...agile is the word that comes to mind. We collectively have this feeling that we are equipped to handle wherever the songs take us. Come see for yourself what I mean. Summer may be winding down, the but we all know fall is, really and truly, the best time of year. I can't wait to see, and hear, what comes next. See you at the shows!

Andy & JH